Christmas 2003

Selected Recordings by Rachel
The First Noel
Silent Night
Marc surveys the scene, ready for another raid on presents.
Rachel is very pleased with Oma and Opa's present (her shoe-fetish will be momentarilly appeased).
Things are a bit crowded around the tree, but that will soon change!
Sharing a joke?
OH! That's RIGHT! I'm not wearing contacts!
Greg is one of the lucky ones too.
Thumb's up Caro!
Marc: "Great! A multi-meter from Opa! And it'll fit into my toolbox!
Thoughtful pose.
Paul searching for the elusive Christmas card from the grandparents.
Greg's giant pencil, needed for the apprentice millright's many corrections of faulty engineer's blueprints.
Paul: "Mom, did I really need all this underwear?!"
Marc's "Three-Beer-Sampler-Kit, With Glasses"
Clean-up time, Mom!
Dad's traditional Christmas Day croissant baking.
A jammin' session, with Paul at the guitar, Rachel grimmacing and Greg falling on the floor.'s how to do it!
And the weather outside was a delightful -5°C.  The neighbour's truck and snowmachine parked on the ice.
Paul and the kitchen party.
Audience of one (and a black cat).
We'll let Rachel try: she plays the piano, but can she play the six strings on this twelve-string guitar?
There always has to be a Smokers' Corner.
Rachel is happy: the more stuffies, the better.
Smokey looks hungry!
Ahhh....that's better: A cheese biscuit and a glass of wine (takes after his "father").
Our table: ready for a New Year's Eve snack with a small group of friends
Caro goofing with tie-wrap handcuffs