Christmas 2006

The beginning of an oragami paper star,
Teaching everyone how to fold the peices of paper
Star All finished!
Rachel must be saying something very important, and Paul is only paying attention to the camera. The girl beside Paul is Christa.
Rachel, Christa and Paul with some fluffy hair.
Preparing Christmas Eve Dinner, Paul trying to defend himself against the foot eating dog.
Mom doing the dishes after a big meal.
Woo Hoo! Present time!
Mom, opening her card from Oma and Opa.
Rachel, Christa and Paul opening their gifts. Thanks Oma and Opa!
Dakota surveying the gift opening.
Presents, Paper FUN!
Paul can finally be warm in his new winter jacket.
Aerial view of present opening
And the presents have all been opened!
Paul, trying to help Mom set up her new water fountain.
and still trying to set it up.
Rachel waiting patiently to eat christmas morning cinnamon rolls.
Dad caught off guard.
A Dad christmas tree, notice how few branches it has....
I just want to be petted, please?
Relaxed Pup
Dakota just wants to play, but Smoky won't have any of that.
Hello, my name is fuzz ball. Just leave me alone and no one will get hurt today.
Close up Smoky.
Dakota finally getting some lovings.