Christmas 2006

Rachel and Smoky the pillow
Smoky surveying the grounds, making sure there is no dog that will eat him
And there's the foot eating dog, Dakota.
Dakota again, trying to eat me but the flash distracts her for the moment
Smoky, not impressed.
Rachel kicking our butts at cards.
Mom trying to give the eye down.
Dad peeling some stuff, that won't be eaten with the turkey.
Giggling Momma
Sign to illistraute above actions.
Rachel and a can of fruit cocktail
Rachel opening said can of fruit cocktail
Rachel taking lid off cocktail
Rachel pouring fruit cocktail in bowl.
Did I trick you, you wanted to see Rachel eating the fruit cocktail didn't you. INstead here are some coool looking bookends!
Awww Smoky.
Awww Pretty Girl