Christmas 2006

Christmas ham. Marvel at the giant meat poker!
Paul eyeing the salad.
Paul, eating the salad/
Paul, nervously giggling because I caught him eating salad before it ws time.
Rachel finally gets her close up!
Dakota, underneath a chair
Mmmm Carrots.
And there's the salad Paul was stealing earlier
Cutting the fat off the ham is only a job Dad can do.
Rachel plating some pie. What you didn't see was her also scooping ice cream, handing out forks, getting plates and cutting the pie, as Paul and Caroline having fun watching her do it all.
Dad, too cool to eat with the rest of us at the island.
Caroline, picking up some things that dropped off the unusually large amount of stuff stack on a stool.
Dakota eating the last of the ice cream. Dad found her the next morning with her head inside of it and ice cream all over her fur. Goofy Pup she is.
Rachel shedding some real tears after he stubbed her toe and Paul pinched her to forget about the toe stubbing. I guess that only works in theory.