Christmas 2006

Moooom, I think we need a bigger couch.
Rachel icing the sides of a ginger bread house, Caroline reading the instructions making sure she's not messing it up!
Still trying to ice the house. The icing was getting the best of us.
We finally got the hang of it and now the Candy People have a roof over their head.
Mom and Judith Hinton dead in conversation
Only way to get a calm photo of that dog is to catch her when no one's looking.
Crab dip,not something you want to eat if your're watching your weight
Dogs want to wear Crocs too don't they?
Rachel and Caitlin sharing a good laugh
Happy Birthday Paul!
The trick to getting rid of birthday cake is to invite the whole town over!
The adults playing a game and bored Stephan can only hope it ends soon.
Everybody loves the fat cat.
Or maybe not so much, they look a little upset about something.