Berens River Paddlers-Pikangikum First Nation

In August 2003, a number of "environmentalists" paddled down a portion of the Berens River, starting at a point about 100 km north of Red Lake, and ending up in Pikangikum, a seven day trip. This was part of an effort by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to call attention to potential dangers to the Boreal Forest. Several trips like this occurred across Canada, to draw attention to various ecosystems they believe are threatened. Each of the trips had a "celebrity" type person along, to make sure the trips had a certain interest to the news media.  The Berens trip had Cathy Jones, of the satyrical news show This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Representatives from the ministries of Natural Resources and Northern Development and Mines were invited by Pikangikum to witness the event.

A major obstacle to paddling the Berens are these rapids.
People from Pikangikum do most of their shopping in Red Lake. They travel for about one hour by boat (30 km) to get to the landing on Nungesser Road. Then its another 100 km to Red Lake. This roller portage is used to drag the boats up and over the rapids.
Not traditional, but very effective.
Anna Baggio, CPAWS representative, in a more traditional watercraft.
A view of part of Pikangikum First Nation (pop.2100).
The Pikangikum Hotel Complex, which also houses the offices of the Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation and a restaurant/meeting place.
The paddlers arrive on the beach in front of the hotel.
The signing of an agreement between CPAWS and Pikangikum.
The paddlers had arrived by plane at their drop-off point seven days previously, now they were being flown back to Red Lake in a Norseman and a de Havill and Beaver.
The happy group poses for one last picture. Can you spot Cathy Jones (pink hat) The native man on the left was one of the two guides during their trip.