The House on Mill Road

Rachel was very proud of this day, as were we!
It took us 2 ½ days to move the 19,000 lbs. of stuff—which is supposedly a normal amount for the size of our family. We used our car, a ½-ton pick-up borrowed from our friend Bill, and Carmen’s lawn tractor &trailer Barb’s husband Bob came over to lend a hand, and his truck, for moving the fridge and stove. Vaughn and Stefan came with a forklift to move the piano. THANKS for the help! Of course, we acknowledge the “in-house” help of Marc and Paul, and their friends Mikey and Lindsay!
A view of old No.18 as the backhoe pulls up…. start the demolition
This is the layer, now well rotted, of sawdust that the old house was built upon, and that caused its eventual slide towards the lake
…and then there was nothing. Note the Norseman floatplane in the background: Norseman Festival in Red Lake, July 24th
We throw everything into the kitchen, making the rest of the house look tidy, so Andreas can take nice pictures. Old couch in foreground will be leaving soon!
The Living Room. TV hutch centre-right and gas-fireplace centre-left.
The Living Room, looking toward the street.
The master bedroom.
The dining room. With the furniture you all know.
And another shot of the dining room.
And another shot of the dining room.
Mama, on the left, and her son.
A view of the back porch across the mini-garden.
And looking the other way.
A view of the house across Howey Bay, from the Government dock.
It's the one with the highest roofline.